Thursday, February 21, 2013

Baby Product Faves 0-3 Months

Now that we're almost 3 months into this wild ride of parenthood, and I thought I would share some of my favorite products.

  Boppy Pillow

I know everyone loves these, but honestly, they are the best. In the hospital, I relied on the Boppy to help with positioning Ethan correctly for feeding. It saved my arms from exhaustion and allowed me to hold and feed Ethan as much as he wanted. Now that we are closing in on month three, we use the Boppy for excellent tummy time and for propping up, and Ethan loves it. We have the doggie cover, shown above.

 Summer Infant Mother's Touch Deluxe Baby Bather

Ethan loves his baths, in no small part thanks to this great bather. The kind of infant baths that are made of solid plastic were just too hard for him, and he would cry the whole time. This bather is made of soft mesh, which cradles Ethan and is nice and soft. It adjusts, too, so we can sit it up more and more as he grows. It also collapses totally flat, which means we're able to take it with us when we travel overnight. It was also very reasonably priced, which is a great added bonus!

 Fisher-Price Rainforest Bouncer


 This is a total lifesaver. I can put Ethan in it when he is fussy and it helps calm him, since it has a vibrating massager in it. I can use it to sit Ethan in when I'm in the kitchen or in the bathroom getting ready, so he can be with me in the same room. It comes with an attachment that has a light-up waterfall and plays music. Normally I feel like it is too much stimuli, but we put it on for him maybe once a week or so.

 Fisher-Price My Little Snugabunny Swing

 As I type this, Ethan is napping in his swing! It is the perfect place for him to take a cat nap during the day. It plays soothing sounds, and it has a mirror at the top that he loves to look at. He smiles and laughs at his reflection in it, which I find hilarious!

 Dragon Wubbanub Pacifier

 Ethan prefers the Soothie brand pacifiers, and Wubbanubs are Soothie pacifiers with little stuffed animals attached. The weight of the stuffed animal helps keep the pacifier in Ethan's mouth, and if he spits it out, it never goes far. Now that he is able to grasp, he holds on to the dragon stuffed animal part either while he's sucking on the pacifier or just when he's in his car seat. He loves it! It helps soothe him when he is upset, and since the dragon is bright red, it is never hard to find around the house or in our diaper bag.

Monday, February 18, 2013

Mommy Style

Here are a few outfits I've been wearing (or planning to wear!) now that I'm in Mommy mode instead of work mode.
Running Errands

I've found that flats are the key to getting into and out of the house with ease. When I've got Ethan in my arms and I'm trying to get the door open, I love to be able to just flex my foot to slip on or pop off my shoes. I have no time for laces on shoes anymore! Knit tees are also my new best friends, since I have to wash my tops more frequently (thanks spit-up and drool!). A colorful scarf helps me hide said stains so I don't have to change my shirt throughout the day, at least.
Lunch with Friends

This dress caught my eye right away. I love the stretchy knit fabric, which makes it easy to wear and comfortable enough for more day-to-day outings, but the hemline and the crochet lace detail make it just a little nicer so I feel like I made an effort. With boots and a cardigan it is perfect for winter in Northern California, and I can also wear it throughout summer with wedges. Perfect!
Evening Out

A cute dress with tights is a weakness of mine. The hemline on this dress and the elastic waist make it flattering on my "not quite back from baby" body, and the heels, being wedges, are more comfortable and practical. Now if we could just figure out a way to get out of the house on a date night ... that's a whole new challenge!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Introducing Ethan Grey!

It's been awhile since I've posted, but I've been a little busy ... we have a baby!

Ethan Grey Wiacek was born on November 29, 2012. He is a perfect, feisty, lovable, adorable little boy. We are pretty smitten over here. Not only do I have a new baby, but I also (kind of) have a new job, which is to be a stay at home mom. I'm taking the rest of this school year off from teaching, and the following school year, as well. I'm pretty excited, to say the least! I'll be posting on my adventures of being a full-time mom, new parent, and on my usual interests, like baking and clothing. Thanks for sticking with me!