Tuesday, January 28, 2014

{The World of e!} Twelve to Fourteen Months

I kinda miss doing E's monthly updates, so I thought I would start a new series and update every few months or so.  I won't write about his sleeping habits and things like that, and I'll focus more on all of his new developments and fun experiences.  Hope you enjoy!

Knows where his head, ears, toes, and belly button are.

Can correctly identify cats, dogs, peas, cupcakes, bananas, and babies in books and magazines.

Walks across the room by himself when the mood strikes him.

Eats pasta with peas, loves ranch dressing, and is a cookie monster.

Goes up and down stairs, gets onto and off of couches and the bed, and thinks it is the coolest thing ever to get into his rocking chair on his own and rock while he reads books.

Oh, he is obsessed with books.  His favorite is We're Going on a Bear Hunt, by Helen Oxenbury and Michael Rosen.  He'll have us read it to him literally ten times in a row.

This boy can rock it out like nobody's business.  He has got some moves, people.  The dancing is pretty out of control, in the most fabulous way possible.

His favorite word to say is, "woah!"  He'll say it in lots of situations, but when something startles him or he finds something especially exciting, he'll say, "woah! woah! woah!" with really big eyes. Love it.

He gives kisses, both spontaneously and on demand.  They are open mouth, because that's how he rolls.  He gives the dog more kisses than anyone, of course.  Mike and I are kinda jealous.

He also got big boy shoes, as opposed to his Robeez. He kinda hated them at first, but he's getting used to them. We're working on it. ;)

Love you E!

Thursday, January 16, 2014

{Child Style} Valentine's Day!

Oh man do they have the cutest garb for littles this Valentine's Day! I got E his threads already, and I'm so glad I don't have a little girl, because I think I would be going into debt on this holiday alone.  ;)

Here are some of my favorite looks for this February 14th.

Boys:  sweater/top/pants/shoes
Girls: dress/leggings/hair clip/shoes

I have a few cute things planned for this February 14th, and can't wait to share them in a post soon. :)