Sunday, January 29, 2017

Ollie at Three Months

During Ethan's first year, I would write a blog post every month to chronicle all of the new and exciting things that were going on with him.

Now that Ollie girl is three months, it's time to start her posts!

She can:

Roll over from belly to back. She doesn't do it every single time she's doing tummy time, but she's done it enough times I'm counting it!

Hold her head up really well, both during tummy time, when she's sitting on our laps, and while we're walking around with her.

Smile on demand, and giggle when it strikes her fancy.

She has:

Grey eyes. We're not sure what they're going to end up being, but right now we're loving the unique color.

She eats:

Mama confession - I really have no idea how much she eats per day.  We just feed on demand.  She is starting to eat closer to six ounces in a feeding more regularly, although we still tend to make four ounce bottles and then just top her off with an extra two ounces if she wants it.

She sleeps:

Really well at night. She'll give us a good solid six hours or more almost every night.  It really varies what time she settles for the night - sometimes it's as early as 9:45, other times 11:30 and everywhere in between.  She'll then wake up sometime around 4:00, have a bottle, then go back to bed.  She then tends to wake up around 7:30, eat, and then stay up for a couple of hours before settling back down.

My view on our daily walks <3
Naps are more sporadic.  She'll mostly just take cat naps during the day, unless I take her for a walk.  If I walk her in her stroller, she'll sleep for a good two hours at a stretch.  In order for her to get a good nap and for me to get in some fresh air and exercise, we tend to take a nice three mile walk every day.

She wears:

Size three month is a tad small and size six month is a tad big.  Some stores carry a size 3-6 month, and that fits the best right now.

She loves:

Her binky

Playing with Daddy's fingers

Sitting on laps, looking out at the world

Being sung to

Her big brother
Her play mat

On her beloved play mat

Happenings this month:

Visiting with Ms. Sue!

She got in some good quality time with her grandparents who were visiting from Maryland.  She also went to a party at our gym - she was such a trooper! Mama took her along for a quick visit with the office staff at work, too.