Sunday, August 28, 2011

Fall Weekend Fashion

The evenings here in the Bay Area have been getting chilly, and it has gotten me excited for the onset of Fall. Mike and I recently realized we hadn't been going on as many adventures as we used to, and made a commitment to make our weekends count.

Feeling inspired by our upcoming adventures and the crisp Fall weather that will soon be upon us, I put together three new Fall looks that would be perfect for our outings.

I can almost smell the pumpkin cupcakes baking now!

Monday, August 15, 2011

New Classroom

I made the big move to 5th grade this year. I am so ready! The curriculum is rockin' (hello ... Colonial America! How much more fun can you get?!), I get to teach my fantastic kiddos from two years ago again, and I finally get my long desired portable classroom. Did I just say I wanted a portable? That's right, I did. I'm sorry, they just have more space!!

Anyway, here are some picks Mike took of my classroom for me so I could finish my classroom website. I'll be taking more soon, now that I finally have gotten rid of the massive pile of trash that has been sitting to the side for weeks while I unpacked about 30 boxes. I had better finish getting everything ready, seeing as we start on Wednesday and all. ;)

And for any teacher interested in how I set up my classroom website, the address is:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Old Navy Sale

I went to the mall today to return a cardigan at Old Navy, and lo and behold they were having a massive Back to School sale. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with Old Navy - sometimes I want everything in the store, and other times I don't like a single piece of clothing they have. I was definitely digging more than I wasn't on this trip, for sure. I ended up scoring this cute blouse and skirt for really good sale prices, and I also picked up a plain white tee, too. I can always use those, as they tend to get faded or dingy over the course of the year. The tees were only $10 each!

Here is the set with the blouse and skirt I got, styled for both now and for the fall. I will wear this for our back to school staff meeting and for casual fridays.

Back to School

One more day left of vacation!