Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Ethan at Month Six

Wait. Hold the phone.  Is that title right?! Has it really been six months?! I cannot believe my little boy is already halfway to one year old. Someone slow down time!

Health Stats

Frozen waffles are the best for teething!
We haven't had our six month doctor's appointment yet, but according to our scale, E is about 19 pounds.  He has been happy and healthy all month, aside from a very mild stomach bug early in May.  He was over it in a couple of days, and his disposition was fine the entire time.  He just had a few more dirty diapers than usual, poor boy.  Since the drool has been flowing freely due to teething, he has also had a slight rash on his chin.  Aquaphor does the trick and helps keep the rash at bay, so I put a little on his chin every morning after bath time.

Green Beans, Apples, and Pears, Oh My!

I really need to get better about feeding Ethan solid foods more often, but right now we are getting in one feeding around lunch time every day.  Next week I'll move up to two feedings of solids every day, and we'll go from there.  So far, carrots and apples seem to be the biggest hits, and pears, green beans, bananas, and sweet potatoes all went over well.  E likes to feed himself, so I'll put some food on his spoon and he'll maneuver it into his mouth all by himself.  Not all of the food ends up in his mouth, but he really does an awesome job and has so much fun. :)


At the beginning of the month I was thinking that nothing much had changed from five to six months, and then, just in the past week and half, holy moly did we hit some new milestones.

We are sitting now (even though it is like E's least fave thing!).


Oh, and a little something else ... we can crawl now!!


I know this is just the early stages of crawling, but man oh man is it exciting to see him moving across the room to get to things he wants.  He works so hard, and I am just so darn proud of him!


Some things that have stayed the same from last month to this month are:

  • Sleeping through the night/bedtime
  • Napping/nap schedule
  • Amount of formula
  • Loving tummy time (he would stay all day on his belly if he could)
  • Dragon pacifier
  • Cuteness (of course)

Gear Lovin'

Mike got E a little walker which is very much adored.  Ethan roams about in the kitchen, and honks the little horn on it when he gets stuck.  It is pretty darn adorable.  His current favorite toys are his Fisher Price remote control, his walker, his Oball, and his Manhattan Skwish toy.  Our friends got E little touchy feely books from Usborne, and Ethan is pretty smitten with them.  The book on cars is actually what prompted him to crawl, since he was so desperately trying to reach the book, which was out of reach. He also loves these little plastic keys on a key ring that Mike picked out for him from Target - they are great for chewing! 

And finally, finally, Ethan loves the Baby Bjorn.  Oh, to say using it makes erranding easier is an understatement!  He likes to hold the handles of the cart while I push it around, and helps hold things while we shop.  Super fun, and he loves to be able to see everything that is going on around him.  

Social Butterfly

Ethan continues to stay social and busy.  He loves going to gym class and seeing his baby friends, and most times will try to hold at least one baby's hand before it is time to go.  Mike and I went out on a date, and E got to stay with Ms. Laura for a few hours, his very first babysitter!!  He completely adores her and they had a blast playing and hanging out.  We've also set up a few playdates, which are always a good time.  This month was awesome for larger social outings, too, and we had no freak outs or meltdowns at parties. Whoo Hoo!


Grabbing Daddy's faceTickle time 
Itsy Bitsy Spider song with Momma
Walker time
Rocket baby 
Funny faces 
Tummy time

Least Favorites

Not being able to reach a desired object
When Momma or Daddy take away a favored object

What a busy, fun, amazing month it has been.  While I wish I could 
slow down time to make E's first year last forever, I also can't wait to see what each new month will bring.  :)